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Garage Door Repair Service

Garage Door Repair Service

All garage door repair services offered by us are excellent and aim at people's safety

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We repair and replace garage door springs of all types with great attention and knowledge

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

When your garage door is jammed, you need instant help. Call Garage Door Repair Roseville immediately for same day emergency service.

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Skilled and reliable garage door repair personnel

Do you have questions about garage door repair services? Here we provide the smartest and easiest answers for your convenience.

How often must I check the garage door parts?

Basically, you must have your eyes open and keep the ears stretched out every day but, officially, the experts of Garage Door Repair Roseville recommend once every month or every two months according to the condition and age of the mechanism.

What are the disadvantages of glass doors?

The all glass look is wonderful, but very expensive. The glass garage door prices are higher than other materials and although glass doors need regular maintenance as any other mechanism, they must be cleaned often to bring out their beauty and uniqueness.

Why can't I fix damages on my own?

Garage door repairs are much harder than they sound. They require the appropriate equipment and excellent knowledge of the procedures. That's why many people are injured when they're trying to repair damages on their own. Garage door systems are complicated and can be dangerous. Garage door parts can hurt you if they snap, break or you don't handle them properly. It's best to trust repair services to our garage door service provider in Roseville.

What are lift handles and pull ropes?

A lift handle is usually attached to the door, helping you open or close the door manually. The pull rope is connected to the bottom bracket in the lower door corner and does the same work. Usually when a new opener is installed, the pull rope is disconnected. Otherwise it can hook on to objects while opening.

How long does the typical garage door opener last for?

The useful life of garage door operators depends on how extensively they are used and on their construction and parts as well. With proper use and basic care, openers can last for over 10 years. At the same time, some owners consider replacing them after five or even three years of use for getting a more advanced unit.

Which type of opener is the fastest?

Today, the screw drive garage door openers are considered to be the fastest. The opening speed of such a unit can reach 12 inches per second and sometimes even more. Our experts in Roseville explain that for safety purposes, the closing speed of all units is 7 inches per second. You can readily compare opening speeds when shopping.

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